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Christmas Card Organization

Christmas has come and gone once again. I’ve got all my decor put away and things are getting back to normal around my house. One of the things I love about Christmas is getting all the Christmas cards from my family and friends! I love displaying them through the holidays, but what about when Christmas is over? A few years ago I started storing my cards in holiday binder. I love my little binders so much I wanted to share them with you!


*Kraft binders; I found mine at Hobby Lobby

*Scrapbook paper

*Washi Tape

*Sticker letters

*Christmas Embellishments



*3 hole punch


*Start with the cover first. Cut out your scrapbook paper and glue down.

*Add some fun Christmas embellishments and washi tape.

*You will repeat the same steps for your dividers, but you will want to add some sticker numbers to call out the year.

*Gather all your Christmas cards, punch holes and add them to your binder. I add them in smallest to largest.

I have two books, and I have gotten 8 years of photos in them, this will differ depending on how many cards you get. Here are the two covers I have.

I love creating new dividers each year. Here are some of mine over the years.

Happy Crafting friends!


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