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My Planning Basics

A new year means a new planner. I love The Happy Planners, I get mine from Hobby Lobby. I plan my life, my meals, my blog and instagram posts. The Happy Planners have monthly and weekly views, come with dividers and “dashboards” for each month. The brand offers a variety of stickers, add ins and fun accessories. I wanted to share a little bit of my planner and some of the accessories I use for planning.

Here is what my planner looks like for the first week of the new year. On the left side I plan my meals for the week, my blog posts and my IG posts. I add in important notes like birthdays, appts and to dos like anyone would do, but I like to add some color and fun stickers. One thing not pictured below, that I will show you later in the post is the add in pages for my grocery list.

I buy different types of stickers for my planner. These are some of the Create 365 packs I got recently. They have task stickers, plus some inspirational quotes. Each pack is themed and they have a few different themes to choose from. I got the mom and productivity packs.

I also use scrapbook paper and washi tape to add some fun and interest to my pages. You can cut out shapes to add some pops.

I got a sticker maker a couple years ago and it has come in handy with designing my planner. I cut out shapes from my scrapbook paper and create stickers to fit into my planner. It’s so easy too! You cut out your shape and insert it into the “machine”, turn the top on the right hand side and it comes out on the other side as a sticker!

Now I can place it into my planner! I like being able to customize it myself.

I love to plan my meals for the week and make a grocery list. One of the add ins I buy are these notes papers. After I have planned out my meals on the left hand side I add in one of these sheets to write my grocery list on. Its perfect!

As a mom and full time employee that likes to participate in my hobbies (blog, DIY, instagram) my planner is so important to me. It helps keep a little sanity around. If you post your planning ideas on instagram be sure to tag @craftingthishouse so I can see all your fun inspiration!


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