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Making your home into a Farmhouse

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Have you caught the farmhouse fever? Anything antique, chippy, white and tarnished goes. I make a weekly run to Hobby Lobby and a lot of times I find pieces to incorporate into my decor, but sometimes I’m looking for more unique pieces. Antique Farm House offers an incredible assortment of farmhouse inspired decor. I found a few pieces I loved and wanted to share with you.


Enameled Drawer Organizer

Enameled Drawer Organizer

When I saw this my jaw dropped! I know its just a silverware organizer and it will be hidden most of the time, but it’s so darn cute! It’s the perfect amount of beat up.

Click here to take a closer look: Enameled Drawer Organizer

Metal Wall Clock

Embossed Rectangular Metal Wall Clock

A clock is an easy piece to spruce up your home. I love this metal black and white wall clock from Antique Farm House.

Click here to take a closer look: Embossed Rectangular Metal Wall Clock

Eucalyptus and Cotton Wreath

Eucalyptus And Cotton Wreath

I can think of so many uses for this Eucalyptus Cotton wreath. The neutral colors scream farm house!

Click here to take a closer look: Eucalyptus and Cotton Wreath

Distressed Enamel Tiered Stand

Distressed Enamel Tiered Stand


You can’t look long on Instagram without seeing a few tiered stand posts. The tiered stand is a staple of any farm house. This one is one of my favorites. I love the white with the black rim.

Click here to take a closer look: Distressed Enamel Tiered Stand

2 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

2 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a functional storage pieces that you can use as a decorative piece. Store dishes, coffee, and kitchen linens that you may not have cabinet space for.

Click here to take a closer look: 2 Tier Metal Rolling Cart

I found a lot of items I loved and have put them all on my to get list! Take a look for yourself and grab some goodies!


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  1. Very nice things! They are very beautiful, I’d love to have them at home!

  2. Lovely farmhouse decor items. I so wanted that wreath but unfortunately it is sold out. If you find another similar that is of good quality, be sure to let me know Samantha!

  3. That clock is so cute. I love it! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I can’t wait till we are done our renos so I can go shopping for everything home decor. Love it ❤️

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