Healthy Fruit and Ginger Juice

Rise and shine! Every morning when I get up the first thing I do is make a cup of coffee. After I have caffeinated and am ready for the day I like to have a glass of my homemade fruit juice. It is full of different fruits and my favorite ingredient, ginger! The ginger gives it a little kick and I love it! Have you ever looked up the health benefits of ginger? One that I think we can all relate to is it helps fight cold and flu. A shot of ginger a day will keep the doctor away, I think that’s a more appropriate slogan. Ginger can also help relieve digestive issues, speed up your metabolism, help protect against certain cancers, relieve menstrual cramps, and lower blood pressure. I am no doctor, so please do your own research on ginger, but I love incorporating it into my morning juice. Let’s take a look a couple recipes I use.




*1 Pineapple

*1 Cucumber

*1 Lemon

*1 Orange

*2-3 Apples

*2.5″ Piece of Ginger

*Cayenne (optional)


*Cut all pieces of fruit into small enough pieces to fit into a juicer.

*To cut up the pineapple, cut off the crown. After you have cut the crown use a knife to “skin” the pineapple shell. Start from the top and shave downward.

*Core and slice the apple.

*Peel the orange.

*Cut the cucumber into small chunks, about 2″ tall.

*Peel the lemon skin and cut the lemon in half.

*Cut the ginger into a piece about 2.5″ big. You can use a bigger piece for a little more kick.

*Place all pieces into a juicer and store in a pitcher.

*Add a couple sprinkles of Cayenne if you desire.

*Refrigerate the juice before serving.


This is hands down my favorite juice recipe! It gives me my daily dose of fruits and I know I’m getting health benefits from ever ingredient in it.





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